Triglycerides Lowering Foods​

Triglycerides Lowering Foods​ How do you think you would feel if your doctor said to you “You need to start eating triglycerides lowering foods >>>last year!<<<.” I think that would be pretty scary, don’t you? Triglycerides are associated with risk of heart attacks and strokes. You’d feel better if you knew what to do about […]

Does Cutting Carbs Help You Lose Weight

Does Cutting Carbs Help You Lose Weight In this article you can read about the question of why does cutting carbs help you lose weight. The entire No Nonsense Ted lifestyle plan is about cutting carbohydrates to help you fix metabolic syndrome and return to fat burning for energy. This page contains affiliate marketing links. […]

How To Get Rid Of The Weight

How To Get Rid Of The Weight Peter Hilford wrote this helpful article in 2008. It’s material is still true. The reason I selected it to share with you here is because you can take everything in it and just “add Ted and stir” for a healthy guide for how to get rid of the […]

The Belly Fat Loss Diet Plan

The Belly Fat Loss Diet Plan Everyone wants to score with the best belly fat loss diet plan. Of course! Ever wonder how to find a good one? Featured image Source. If you find a healthy, convenient, delicious diet plan that burns fat anywhere on your body, you have found a treasure. This page contains […]

Low Carbs And Weight Loss

Low Carbs And Weight Loss Low carbs and weight loss is not a new concept. On the other hand, it is a well established fat burning method of losing weight. Source of image above. Claul Hylian wrote the following article “Exploring Low Carb Meals and Their Impact on Weight Loss” in 2005. This page contains […]

Eat Fats For Weight Loss

Eat Fats For Weight Loss For decades, doctors warned people not to eat saturated fats, never mind try to eat fats for weight loss. But now we understand that there are high quality fats we can eat and be healthy and lose weight too. Source of top image. If you’re ready to begin a delicious […]