Does Cutting Carbs Help You Lose Weight

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Does Cutting Carbs Help You Lose Weight

In this article you can read about the question of why does cutting carbs help you lose weight. The entire No Nonsense Ted lifestyle plan is about cutting carbohydrates to help you fix metabolic syndrome and return to fat burning for energy.

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Cutting carbs is only part of the integrated diet/meal/plan/recipes/ and exercise program that formulates the Belly Fat Melt system. If you’re used to eating a lot of carbs, a healthy foods style will be a big change!



The following article gives tips for changing into a low carb diet without shocking your system. The timing will be different for different people, naturally.

You don’t want that starvation feeling on another diet, right? Yet I bet youwoman on scale can’t wait to see the results of your weight loss evidence!

Enjoy the following tips!

Why Not Eat Grains?

Before you decided to lose weight, you might have always chosen for your meals to include a meat, a starch such as rice, pasta or potato, and a vegetable or two.

The No Nonsense Ted system states that you must eliminate grains.

Why not eat grains – you could be wondering how you can even come up with a delicious, healthy and balanced meal without them. These are a few tips that can help.


Baking With Alternative Grains

If you simply never feel full enough without grains, but are trying to stick to your diet, you should know that there are a ton of great alternatives that you can try to add to your plate.

For example, if you are accustomed to eating rolls, toast or biscuits along with your evening meals, think about alternative grain recipes.

If you’ve never made your own bread or rolls, starting this will be a life changing adventure.

One common grain alternative is almond flour. There are many of great recipes out there, so if you try a few of them, you should be able to find some delicious low carb baking recipes that will substitute for the belly filling fluffy high calorie dinner rolls.

Or if you’re not too interested in those suggestions, you can add a dish to your meal like the Smoked Salmon Egg Stuffed Avocado. Pages 84 and 85 in the all-inclusive ebook you get with the No Nonsense Ted package.

That sounds pretty incredible right? That’s just one example of the recipes you’ll get.

Crustless Mini Quiches is another possible side dish – page 80 in the recipe section.

So you see, it is not impossible to have incredibly delicious and healthy mealsgrain free burrito wrap without grains. A fantastic start to the day is Breakfast ‘Burrito” with Bacon And Avocado – page 81.

Why Does Cutting Carbs Help You Lose Weight

Grains keep you in sugar (glucose, fructose etc.) burning mode as opposed to a fat burning mode for energy.

Keeping all grain products, starchy vegetables and sweets out of your diet will flip your metabolism back to what it used to be.


Choose A Hearty Protein


The most important part of any good diet is a good source of protein. And the best choices are grass fed meats and wild caught fish.wild salmon with omega 3 fat

If you can get those products, you can also eat the fat that comes with them.

Lean cuts of meat are the best choice if you cannot get the grass fed produce, because the toxins from inferior food (drugs and anti biotics) are mostly in the fat.

Roasted or grilled meats are healthy, delicious and protein-packed, so learn to prepare things like marinated grilled chicken. Leave it in the fridge all day while you’re at work and it’s ready to go when you come home!

And, by the way, if you’re confused about fats, get caught up on the information in this article – Saturated Fats Facts.


Don’t Forget Fresh Vegetables


Along with getting plenty of protein, eating several servings a day of freshfersh vegetables on cutting board organic vegetables should be a regular part of your diet. For optimum health, consider going with in-season vegetables (as much as you can!) so that you can enjoy them when they are ripe and at their most nutritious.

Salads make great side dishes for your grain-free plate, or you can roast, steam or sautee your favorite fresh vegetables. You can substitute sliced nuts or crumbled nuts for croutons.


Even if this lifestyle adjustment takes a few weeks you are heading for a weight loss for life. While eliminating the white foods  following these recipes and meal plans can provide you tasty meals that are grain-free but that are also nutritionally sound and quite delicious.


Will Cutting Sugar Help Me Lose Weight


I am repeating this principle of not eating any kind of sugars so that you can reverse your metabolic syndrome – syndrome meaning a condition you’re basically stuck in.

And you want to do that, right? That’s what will keep you at a healthy weight and lots of other good things, for life.

Like what things you may be wondering? I was talking to a friend just this healthy happy woman on beachmorning – she inspired this entire article by the way – because she listed a few items about her health that had to do with not eating sugars and carbohydrates, and increasing the protein and fat content of her meals. Her list:

  • My hair is shinier
  • My cholesterol is lower
  • My skin has improved
  • My headaches are gone
  • I feel so much more positive!
  • My hormones have balanced
  • My blood sugar is normal

And all this was backed up by blood test results that she happened to be reading when I contacted her .

I hope I’ve cleared up the question of how does cutting carbs help you lose weight!

If you have any questions or experience to share, I’d love to hear about them. Use the box below!


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