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How To Turn White Fat To Brown Fat


How To Turn White Fat To Brown Fat

Have you ever wondered how to burn off fat more easily?

The topic of how to turn white fat to brown fat has been around for a while, yet most of the folks I’ve mentioned this to haven’t heard about it.

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I was able to find some information to share, but if you want all the details about it now, just  CLICK HERE to get the No Nonsense Ted diet system material.


Velma Garmes wrote the following material back in 2009.

Brown Fat Versus White Fat?

Be on the lookout for more hype about brown fat. Brown fat had been believed to be present in infants when they are first born and then gradually disappears and/or turns into regular fat as age ensues and more muscle begins to develop. It was once thought that by the time you reach full adulthood, it is no longer present in your body, so it is unusual as an adult to still have brown fat. White fat retains calories, while brown fat does the opposite by burning calories.”

Emphasis is mine.

Activating Brown Fat Weight Loss

There is very little known about brown fat, however, a recent study by the New England Journal of Medicine shows that this special fat can help you burn more calories throughout the day. Brown fat’s origin is derived from

woman running in cold weather
Athleta Winter Holiday 2014, Wanaka, New Zealand. Source

muscle and doctors believe that they can stimulate the growth in humans, as lab studies have proven that it can be increased in mice. Within the next decade or so, it is believed that a procedure might be developed for obese people to help them bring their weight under control. One of the ways it is believed that brown fat could be increased is by spending time exercise in cold weather. Further studies need to be conducted in adults.”

Cold Weight Loss Therapy

Currently, the best information I have found about cold weight loss therapy is in the 185 page ebook of the No Nonsense Ted plan.


A great read! Back to Velma:

Until then my recommendation? Get out and exercise please. If we spent as much time exercising as we do trying to avoid it we will find that regular, intentional exercise can bring to us:

  • elevated moods and better outlook on life
  • offsets the tendency to develop chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, and osteoporosis
  • easier time with weight maintenance
  • strengthening of the cardiorespiratory system, which includes the heart, lungs
  • better sleep at night, which includes falling asleep faster and getting more restful sleep
  • increase of better circulation which in turn leads to a better sex life, less likelihood to suffer from erectile dysfunction
  • being able to exercise more can lead to more enjoyment of the activity which, in turn can lead to wanting to try more activities, which in turn keeps you active!

Instead of waiting for that magic pill to arrive so that you may avoid exercise

exercise outside in nature

you may find yourself starting to enjoy it.

Velma Garnes M.S, NASM-PES, CPT is a fitness professional and writer who resides in Gahanna, Ohio. She helps clients reach their weight loss goals by teaching a variety of classes including SPINNING, Ashtanga Yoga, and BootCamp classes and trains clients. To access more of her writing and free information and access to a FREE report if you sign up for her informative FREE monthly e-zine (full of informative tips and the latest health information) visit her website at [http://www.focused-fitness.org]”

(I am not sure if that last statement is current.)

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/2253908

I certainly agree with all her points about exercise. And I think you’ll really appreciate the exercise videos included in the No Nonsense Ted package.man snowboarding

They are simple versions of some of the most effective exercises for weight loss.

Ted is certain that with the incredible recipes and low carb/high protein content of his meal plans, that you will lose weight whether you exercise or not.

Yet, there are many good reasons to exercise. Just getting out into nature is a healthy activity, if you can.

Cold Pack Weight Loss

Not everyone thinks this is a good idea, depending on where you put the cold packs. Across the back of the shoulders, as Ted suggests, brings no argument from my doctor.

But, will you place a cold pack on your belly? On your internal organs? Hmmm…My doctor frowns at that, and I recommend you run it by your own health care professional before you do so.

And how does this work anyway? At The Cool Fat Burner site  it is explained like this:

It was observed that condition known as “popsicle panniculitis” occurs when children eat popsicles and the cold causes a “panniculitis” in the fat of their cheeks.  Panniculitis is an inflammation… which ultimately causes “apoptosis” of those fat cells.  They are reabsorbed by the body, never to return.
This allowed researchers to theorize that one could intentionally use cold to induce apoptosis of stomach fat, to produce the same results; spot reduce that fat and remove it from the body, similar to the children’s cheeks.
Note that with diet and exercise, when you burn fat, you’re usually “emptying” fat cells; they drain and shrink, but you keep the same number of fat cells.  But when fat undergoes apoptosis, those fat cells are removed from the body.
So cold thermogenesis and cold-induced apoptosis — spot reduction — should both shrink and remove fat cells.  (of course, the superior strategy would be to combine all methods; diet, exercise, cold thermogenesis, and occasional apoptosis, as a means to minimize and even remove fat).”

Here is a video by a young lady who tried the ice pack method after some extreme illnesses. It’s hard to know what’s not “fake news” these days but she seems very sincere.

Have you tried cold weight loss therapy? If so please share your experience in the comment section!


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