Triglycerides Lowering Foods​

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Triglycerides Lowering Foods​

How do you think you would feel if your doctor said to you “You need to start eating triglycerides lowering foods >>>last year!<<<.”

I think that would be pretty scary, don’t you? Triglycerides are associated with risk of heart attacks and strokes.

You’d feel better if you knew what to do about it, right? And you will, by the end of this article. First a little info.


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What are the triglycerides lowering foods​ anyway? In fact, what are triglycerides?

“Triglycerides are a type of fatty acid in your body. When you eat more calories than you use, your body converts the excess calories into fat in the form of triglycerides and stores it in fat cells. Some of the triglycerides are always circulating in your blood. Triglycerides provide an energy reserve for your body. Whenever you need extra energy, your body breaks the triglycerides down into energy packets that your cells can use.”

Now it seems handy to have a certain amount of energy in reserve, don’t you think? If you have a period of extra exertion, or perhaps a sickness where you can’t eat, you can open these ‘energy packets’, and survive.

“The most important risk factor for high triglycerides is obesity. You are also at risk for high triglycerides if you have diabetes, thyroid problems or kidney disease. Some forms of high triglycerides are inherited. Some medications, such as estrogen, birth control pills, water pills, beta blockers and steroids, can cause high triglycerides. Eating too much sugar and fat, and drinking alcohol can also cause high triglycerides.”

Those two paragraphs in quotes are snippets from an excellent article by Steve Matthews.

Article Source:

Donuts – fat and sugar combined – avoid!

​The Triglyceride Reducing Diet

Steve goes on to add:

“White sugar is poison to you. It causes your blood sugar to spike and fall until you develop insulin resistance. It contains no nutrients, only energy. It converts almost immediately to triglycerides. Corn syrup and corn sugars are just as bad, and they are in everything. Read labels, and watch out for sweeteners and flavorings. Any ingredient that ends in -ose or -ol is probably some kind of sugar.”

Similar to the diet I strongly recommend to decrease the risks of high triglycerides, that author advises that you eliminate sweets, junk foods (usually laced with trans fats and fried with added sugars) and alcohol from your meals.

Would you like to know how to eat to reduce the risks of high triglycerides right now?

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Candy so pretty! So dangerous!

The Risks Of High Triglycerides

White sugar and all forms of sugars lead to insulin resistance, or metabolic syndrome. And there is no way out if you stay on that path. Type II Diabetes and an assortment of inflammatory conditions are not too far down the road.

Yet, if you’re reading here, you have already committed yourself to turn this around, am I right?

If you need no further ado, CLICK HERE to get the benefits of eating  triglycerides lowering foods​.


I love this belly fat melt diet because it’s about so much more than just reducing the size of your stomach, butt, thighs and more. It’s about healthy levels of cholesterols, triglycerides, insulin and other hormones in your blood.


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Get up and go again!


Do you remember when you last felt really really well? Full of get-up-and-go pep every morning? I wonder what happened after that…

…Could it be

  • You got a desk job
  • Got super stressed out at your new job/college/lay-off
  • Stopped cooking your own meals (if you ever did)
  • Got married and boy does she/he ever know how to cook Italian!
  • Got pregnant and felt exhausted afterwards
  • She had the baby and now both of you don’t sleep too well
  • You broke your leg and couldn’t work out for a while

With any of those conditions above, you can just start gaining weight. Some of those are very good things!

Yet when your circumstances change, your brain chemicals change, your hormones change and your energy levels can drop significantly.

I personally know someone who followed Steve’s advice above, and also took it a step further. She eliminated not just sweets, but all grains from her diet. She also eliminated potatoes. woman on hill

She lost 35 pounds in a few months and reversed her Type II Diabetes. Two years later, she still is non-Diabetic.

This is the kind of benefit you will get from following the No Nonsense Ted’s Belly Fat Melt system.

Yes, it is a system. It is not actually a diet.  A 185 page eBook. Meal plans, recipes and basic exercise guidance.

Another fantastic benefit is the price. Amazingly cheap, as weight loss plans go. There are some extras to it, but you don’t necessarily need them.

Below is a video about how to reverse insulin resistance, or metabolic syndrome. I chose it because of the 7 tips he gives to reverse Diabetes, and of course easily prevent it if you’re overweight and ready to get healthy again. Here are his tips:

  1. Decrease visceral fat
  2. Cut carbs – what this web site and the No Nonsense Ted system is about
  3. Exercise to get rid of stored sugars – he explains that clearly
  4. Fast intermittently – if your general health permits
  5. Improve your sleep – I wrote about that here and the benefits of a natural supplement
  6. Fix your gut – that can be a complex issue but eliminating carbs is a significant factor
  7. Supplements – natural food supplements can be greatly supportive to your new weight loss system


CLICK HERE to get the incredible benefits of a  triglyceride reducing diet.


You want to look better and feel better, right? Start now!

And don’t go it alone. Let your health care provider know what you’re doing. Track your progress with blood tests if you can.

More resources:

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Do you have a diet story you’d like to share?  Please do tell! (in the box below.)

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