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The Belly Fat Melt Diet


The Belly Fat Melt Diet

Quite the eye catching phrase isn’t it? First of all, anyone who is even a few pounds overweight has belly fat and would love a belly fat melt diet.

Don’t you wish you could start losing belly weight without going through the deprivation of not having filling and satisfying meals?

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There is a way you can do that. That’s why I’m writing about the no nonsense fat melting system review for you. 

Women who are recently pregnant might look skinny – except for that obvious belly stretch with some fat on it.

Anyone over 40 has started to notice the pounds creeping on their abdomen. But it’s not enough to blindly start cutting back on a few snacks, or start calorie counting.

Even if you were one of those lucky peeps who could “eat anything”. Even kids and teens suffer from obesity at an alarming level.

You can’t turn back time but can you reverse metabolic syndrome?

Yes! With an organized system that doesn’t keep you hungry, tired and weak. That allows you to eat real food in yummy meals and teaches you how to make your weight loss life long.

Sound good?

How To Reverse Metabolic Syndrome

Ted of the “No nonsense” system lays it on without any tiptoeing. He asks you for six minutes of your time if you just click over to his video   AL  (and you can then elect to read his presentation if you prefer).

The premise of his diet recommendations is to teach you how to reverse metabolic syndrome. And personally experience that.

Here is a little intro by him:

Whenever I go to the grocery store, the mall, the movies, the beach…


Seriously, ANYWHERE…

So many people I see these days are disgustingly overweight…

Months or even days away from developing diabetes or other awful health-related issues.

If I’m offending you by saying this, I’m NOT sorry… And I can promise, I’m going to probably piss you off even more if you keep reading…

But if you’re overweight right now… by a little, or a lot… you need to pay close attention because I’m going to share with you one weird, fat melting secret that works practically instantly…

Starting tonight…

To melt away your extra pounds and ugly flab without you having to give up the foods you love, or bust your butt at the gym.

But first, I need to kick some people off this page who do NOT belong here.

What I’m about to share with you is not for dummies…

It’s not for politically-correct wimps and Social Justice Warriors who say “Big Is Beautiful,” and claim you can be healthy and fabulous even though you’re on the verge of dropping dead from obesity…

And this isn’t for people who are too addicted to Facebook and reality TV to

happy couple walking dog

even watch this short video, which may very well change your life in the next few minutes.

So if you’re one of THEM, you can close this page right now…

But I can guarantee, if you do give me just six minutes of your time…

And if you’re NOT some slug who honestly believes you’re being “healthy” by ordering a Diet Coke along with your triple cheeseburger, large fries and apple pie…

Then the one weird fat melting trick I’m about to share with you WILL change your life…

Starting TODAY.”

So exclaims Ted of the No Nonsense Ted educational/diet plan/meal plans/recipes/exercise package.

Our modern diet of processed and chemically and carbohydrate laden foods ruins our metabolism. That results in metabolic syndrome.

What that means is that our energy burning system gets used to converting sugars for energy instead of burning fat for fuel.

obese teen

Foods That Increase Brain Function

Foods that increase brain function are the basis of Ted’s diet. Foods that promote mental clarity and alleviate depression and anxiety.

Foods that reverse obesity and inflammation.

Obesity, and inflammatory conditions like diabetes and metabolic syndrome inevitably follow.

Inflammation leads to:

  • Joint pain and stiffness
  • Vascular (veins and arteries) problems
  • Gastrointestinal sensitivity and pain, or IBS
  • Loss of muscle mass and lung capacity (less exercise)
  • Depression and hopelessness

Oh my gosh, see how that spirals downwards?

And tragically children and teenagers are turning into a terribly overweight population. Some with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, from trans fats and artificial sweeteners.

That’s why Ted’s diet plan is good for the whole family. It’s good for growing kids as well as adults because there is no deprivation.

It’s all about fresh healthy foods. Low carbohydrate and high protein food lists. No food group left out.

Foods That Cause Mood Swings

Starches and sugars compromise healthy blood sugar levels and therefore are foods that cause mood swings. Sugars will then give a quick relief to a bad mood, and a cycle of addiction is perpetuated.

Because of this treadmill of craving sugars and starchy foods, the white foods


are eliminated from Ted’s meal plans. (You can read more about that HERE.)  This is the most successful weight loss approach which has proven itself over decades.

White foods are:

  • Sugar (white, brown, raw etc.)
  • Grains (breads, crackers, cookies, pastas etc.)
  • Potatoes
  • Corn, white or yellow

That’s why it is necessary to avoid processed foods. They are all full of white flours, modified starches, potato flour, tapioca and other starchy fillers.

The Dr.’s Eades and Eades and Dr. Robert Atkins have published much material about this healthy eating lifestyle, which will restore damaged metabolism.

More recently Dr. Joseph Mercola published “Fat For Fuel” CLICK on the title to see the book details


More validation that the right fats will help you maintain optimum health.



4 thoughts on “The Belly Fat Melt Diet”

  1. Thank you for this article! I am a firm believer in a high protein, very low carbs diet! The benefits far outweigh the pleasures of eating these foods. I won’t lie… the first few weeks are very difficult to adjust to. EVERY carb that you lay your eyes on is just screaming your name. But… after a few weeks, they don’t even look tempting anymore!

    Thank you for bringing awareness to this form of lifestyle change. I don’t call it a diet, because it should be a permanent transition!

    • Hello Dr. Baker! I really appreciate your comment about this being a lifestyle, not really a diet. If a person can reverse metabolic syndrome and keep it for life, they will be in a new world of health!

  2. I agree, too, that obesity really has become a scary epidemic. Everywhere I turn now, I see folks who look like they would rather eat a cheeseburger than go exercise for 20 minutes. i’m a huge health advocate, too, and am super conscious and aware of staying away from these white foods. I recently started making more gluten-free choices in my diet, not because I have the allergy, but because they are so much more easily digested. Do you consider gluten-free bread, for example, to be a white food? Thanks for sharing!

    • Hi Ciara! Thanks for leaving your thoughts here. I know a few peeps who also prefer gluten free products for the same reason. However gluten free bread is still – bread! All grains are to be avoided for this lifestyle of eating, although of course once a person gets to their desired weight it will take a little trial and error to introduce the white foods periodically, but not so often as to lose that metabolic syndrome fix. CHeers!


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