A Fast Healthy Weight Loss Diet Plan

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A Fast Healthy Weight Loss Diet Plan

Every overweight person trying to lose the belly fat needs a quick weight loss diet plan. Is that your goal? A fast healthy weight loss diet plan?

How about your spouse/partner, parents, or your teen children?

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I consider the


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instant download package to be that.

If your child is open to hearing about it, the reason for nutrition is a great education you can share with them. Let them browse through your No Nonsense Ted package.

Foods That Cause Mood Swings

It’s well known that teenagers can be moody while they are growing up. Hormones trying to balance the brain and body, combined with growth spurts can make life frustrating.

Too many carbs, processed foods, and “empty”, or no-nutrition foods can irritate the nervous system and weaken the immune system.

Lack of healthy fats (grass fed meats, wild caught fish, unrefined coconut oil, and pasture fed dairy sources) can starve the brain, the hormones, and damage metabolism for life.

Adults experience this too as they age (except for growth spurts)!

But if you adults, or your teens, experience wild mood swings, periodic

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depression, fatigue, or anger, you may be able to help yourself, or him or her.

Nutritional deficiencies may be responsible for many symptoms of a lack of wellness.


Mood disorders in children, adolescents, and adults can often be corrected with healthy fresh food.

There is a chain of events that lead to poor nutrition for everyone at this point:

  • Depleted soil caused by no rest period as well as chemical fertilizers
  • Hormone disruptors in the food we buy from pesticides
  • Foods are mineral deficient because the soil is mineral deficient
  • Nutritious food is fresh food
  • Processed foods are full of chemicals that change your brain
  • Your brain, body chemistry and hormones are dazed and confused

How could anyone not have a mood disorder?

Mineral intake is crucial. The mineral magnesium is responsible for thousands

low carb high protein foods
source. High magnesium foods.

of chemical interactions in your biochemistry. A magnesium deficiency needs to be corrected and in most cases a healthy high quality diet will do it.Some magnesium deficiency symptoms that could be related to a mood disorder are:

  • Headaches, including migraine
  • Neck and back aches
  • Panic and anxiety attacks
  • Constipation
  • Menstrual cramps
  • Irritability including PMS
  • Irregular heartbeat

An adolescent (or child, or adult) mood disorder may begin and end with nutrition. Whatever other treatment is available, a diet of healthy and delicious meal plans is bound to help.

The recommended No Nonsense Ted package gives fabulous meal plans and recipes!

Foods That Help Brain Function

Another area of nutrition that affects the brain is the Vitamin B Compound. The B vitamins should be taken together in the compound mix, because a lot of one can create deficiencies, or imbalance in the others.

However, B12 is so inadequately consumed, that a separate supplement can be used. Sublingual, or under the tongue tablets are the easy to take, and they taste good too. B12 is also available in a spray bottle.

Teens live on fast food to a large degree. Is there such a thing as the healthiest

foods that help brain function
source. Doesn’t everyone love peanut butter?

fast food? Well, sort of. A good green (or peanut  butter) smoothie with some protein powder added can be made to taste delicious.

Healthy oils are another factor that influence brain function and therefore mood. Healthy oils that result in enough omega three fatty acids to balance the omega 6 fatty acids that are more prevalent in our diet, also create brain hormones.

These brain hormones manufacture the chemicals that allow us to feel enthusiastic and mentally sharp. In other words, they are mood elevators.

Teens (and adults) who diet too much and try to live on non-fat foods are denying their brains what they need to thrive and grow.

Sugar and caffeine are wonderful mood elevators, but as we all know, there is a quick spike of biochemical activity, and then a crash.

Furthermore, while sugar and caffeine create wild mood swings they

can’t replace real nutrition

Best Diet Meal Plans

Life really doesn’t need to get any harder or crazier in order for you to be healthy. Get the best diet meal plans (included in the Ted package) to make life easier and

low carb high protein tacos
source. Low carb high protein ‘tacos’.

keep you and your family in balance.

Exercise cannot be left out of anyone’s life, and many teens sit down too much. School hours, studying, a social life on the computer or other electronic device, all sitting down.

A problem for all of us perhaps! Yet a growing teen needs exercise to trigger bone growth, in fact all growth. And adults need to challenge major muscle groups in order to preserve their bone density.

If you have a teen who experiences wild mood swings or seems to be depressed, and you don’t feel ready to start the onslaught of tests, or cannot, start him/her on a fast healthy weight loss diet plan. Sneak nutrition into their diets as much as you can.

Here is a video by a doctor, discussing diet, healthy fats and depression.

And please note that if someone is thin, this diet system is full of healthy fats, is designed to restore damaged metabolism, and may help acquire a healthy weight.

There is more information about safe dieting here.

Of course consult your health care practitioner if you have or suspect a medical condition, before you change your diet and exercise routines.





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 Please share your diet stories below! We can all learn from each other.


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