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Self Help Binge Eating Disorder


Beginner Tips for Meditating

Meditation can be a very rewarding experience for anyone who is looking to learn how to relax and focus their mind. If you’ve ever tried meditating to reduce anxious emotional eating, you probably know that it serves as a self help binge eating disorder relief exercise.

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Meditating will also help you to accomplish a variety of daily tasks.

One of the greatest things that meditation is good for, is to focus your mind before consuming a meal. Why meditate before a meal?

Meditation before a meal can help you to practice mindful eating, and help you to be in control of your eating habits, so he’s a few tips for meditating.

Begin With Short Sessions

An easy way to get started with meditation is to just start off with a very small

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amount of time like 1.5 – 2 minutes. After you have gotten used to meditating for that period, increase the amount of time you will meditate by 2 minutes each week. In 4 months, you

will be able to meditate for about 20 minutes with ease.

Make It a Part of A Daily Routine

The best way to get used to your new routine is to make a part of your morning, in fact you could even make it the very first thing you do. It’ll take almost no time at all until

you’’re getting into the longer periods around the third or fourth months, so you can get some practice focusing your mind on the details like your amount of fullness, and other indications.

And by the way, you do not need to sit in a lotus position, a half lotus, or any other pose. You need a chair where you can sit with your feet flat on the floor.

Set Yourself Up With No Distractions

Your main goal is to just sit comfortably enough for you to be able to focus on

your inner calm
source. Your inner calm.

the task at hand. A chair with a soft seat on which you can easily sit straight yet relaxed will be a help. It’s probably a good idea to be in loose fitting clothing so you meditate without your attention drifting to any discomfort.

Continue to focus on being mindful towards your physical well-being. A basic type of meditation involves paying attention to the inhale and exhale of each breath.

Be mindful of any emotions that you may be feeling. Simply be aware of them without engaging in any analysis.

Expect That Your Mind Will Wander

This is something that happens to everyone until they have a handle on meditation. You might find yourself thinking about your shopping list, and other things you have planned to do.

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When this happens, just begin again. Don’t get frustrated with yourself. There is no failure here, or comparison to an imaginary ideal. Simply stop and regroup with your breath count starting at one. Be kind and patient with yourself. A loving attitude towards yourself will manifest as time passes, and you gain more experience with meditation.

Why Am I Binge Eating?

This is a complex question and everyone’s answer will be different. Examining this topic is a separate journey altogether.

The No Nonsense Ted AL package that I recommend does not strive to get analytical about the inner psyche.

Except for the fact that sugar and carbohydrates irritate the nervous system by various means. Poor nutrition can lead to anxiety and junk food addiction, increasing the harmful effects of this “treadmill” type of habit.

Sugar and carbs act as tranquilizers for a short term relief. Then they tank your blood sugar levels and you crave more.

Sugar is a prime inflammatory food. In fact, heart disease is now related to sugar, not fats, as it used to be.

If you have a binge eating disorder, or simply eat when you’re emotionally upset, try meditation.

Meditation has shown to decrease the release of stress chemicals in our brain.

I really hope this article gets you started in a new and healthy habit of meditating and feeling more relaxed.

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Have you tried meditating to help with dieting or any other activity? Please share your experience with it, just use the comment box below.


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