a food and weight loss journal

A Food And Weight Loss Journal


A Food And Weight Loss Journal

If you’’ve been led to reading this article, the odds are that you’ve probably begun your journey of sorting out what triggers you to eat at times that may not be the most advantageous for your health. And you’re considering a food and weight loss journal.

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It’s important to acknowledge the connection between emotional responses and the foods that calm them. Now you’re taking a productive step to exert control over the habits that have grown over the course of months, a few years, and perhaps for you, a lifetime.

The first step was recognizing that you had an issue, so the second will be to learn how to uncover your triggers to emotional eating.

The Benefits Of A Food Journal

The most powerful ally that you will have in your search for the source of your emotional eating will be your food journal. This is where you will record the details of your eating routines each day.

benefits of a food journal enter chili dogs

Be sure that you leave space to include the factors and circumstances of each meal and what you ate for each.

As you begin to detail each meal, it’s incredibly likely that a pattern will begin to emerge. This pattern will probably be a cross section of the moments and influences that trigger emotional eating.

Soon you’ll begin to experience the benefits of a food journal.

Your Emotional Triggers List

The food journal is the most honest and least biased source of information that you will have at your disposal. There is nothing as quite as convincing as your own personally recorded history.

Being able to see what your habits are throughout the week gives you a good idea of how you spend your time and when you eat.

Especially if you eat out of a compulsion to stuff down feelings or tranquilize yourself. What was your motive to eat:

  • Was it stress?
  • Who were you talking to before you ate food?
  • Where were you before you got the urge to eat?
  • Did something trigger a memory?

These pieces of information will give you an emotional triggers list. This list

emotional triggers list bleak

could be the awareness you need to set you free from emotional eating.

And the more honest you can be with yourself, the more effective your food and weight loss journal will be.

How To Stop Anxiety Fast

Now you know something about who or what is the source of triggers for emotional eating. This will help you re-train yourself and learn how to stop anxiety fast. It’s time to become creative about your routines and make them work for you.

Make a few changes at first, say even just three or four. The purpose is to avoid the anxieties you have listed, to a large degree. Even if you start with just one, you’re heading in the right direction.

You will no longer allow these triggers to drive you into a compulsive unhealthy eating.

This can be done in most cases by simply avoiding the triggers. If you know that certain things, events, or people stress you out, it makes sense to limit your contact with some of these triggers until you have more control over your eating habits.

It’s okay, and can even be important, to place your well-being over some obligations.

Meditation may help you control stress and experience happier days. I have written some tips about meditation HERE.

The No Nonsense Ted information and meal plans is your backbone of

healthy high protein low carb food list

support while you take control of your emotional eating. I recommend it highly, for the reasons I outline in the articles on this site.

My comprehensive review of that life changing system is HERE.


Make A High Protein Low Carb Food List

Within your journal, make a high protein low carb food list for snacks and eating on the run. Keep a copy in your wallet or purse to refer to whenever you need it.

This will help you satisfy hunger with nutritional fat burning foods.

If you do this, you will see weight loss on a steady basis.

The prime focus of your food and weight loss journal is your eating habits and emotional responses that trigger eating.

However, it’s good to keep a weight lost page – not to obsess over, but to note your progress and feel good about it.


For more weight loss help you can read my article How To Lose Body Fat For Women.


You may also want to keep a list of your favorite healthy recipes from your No Nonsense Ted package, once you have browsed through them and tried some.



With just under 200 pages of well researched health information, recipes and exercise videos you have lots of help.

Please feel free to ask questions or tell us about your diet experience below.


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